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Welcome to TheAlgoFaucet!

Simply paste your address down here and you’ll receive small algo drops for a week, resetting on Sunday!

The Algo Faucet is more than just one thing!

The Faucet

Get some small Algo drops.


All transaction fees are provided by generous donations from the community!

Staking Service

Create a free staking pool!
Holders of your token will receive rewards automatically every 24h!


Ask questions to your community!

The Faucet

The idea behind The Algo Faucet is to send small Algo drops every day to help you cover some transaction fees. It has now evolved organically into a staking service and soon a governance program for fellow ASA developers!


All transaction fees for TheAlgoFaucet’s services are paid for by generous donations from the community! So outside of hosting, the only actual cost of operation is my sanity!


If you’re an ASA developer, you can create a “Staking Pool” with us. An amount of your ASA to be distributed fairly amongst your holders, proportionally to how much they currently have in their account. Your holders don’t have to do anything, we do all the heavy lifting on our side.

You can also choose to reward liquidity providers on Tinyman or other Automatic Market Makers.

LP-Provider rewards can either be done in a dynamic way to estimate the amount of the ASA each person is contributing to the pool or with a flat rate by sending a specific amount of your ASA per LP-Token they hold.

Governance (coming soon)

“What a time to be alive!”


“This is so easy to use!”

BigBangFlash’s mom

“Who are you, why are you bothering me?”

Random person in the street

If you like the project and you want to buy me a cup of coffee, here’s a personal Algorand address!

NFD : bigbangflash.algo